Dusadee "Pink" Martin, MBA, MS

Financial Services Professional
Mobile: 214.708.8959

Pink started her professional in the financial industry in 2017 and joined Atlas in 2022 with the purpose of providing people clarity and creating a strategic approach to meet anyone's unique financial situation and goals. This passion began in 2005 when she pursued her degrees in finance, economics, and then business statistics.

“We are often chasing what most people want before we even ask ourselves what we truly want and when we want it. In reality, we are really needing a custom approach rather than a one-size-fits-all one.”

Pink was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she had been involved in her parents’ business since she was in high school starting from a production line to a management role before leaving her home to the United States for her Master’s Degrees. These past roles helped Pink develop her core values of the practice of trust, transparency, long-term relationship, and exceptional customer service.

Away from the business, Pink and her husband, Stephen like to enjoy themselves at their lovely home with their two corgis. Pink is very active in her cultural communities and volunteer work. In their spare time, Pink and Stephen enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.